Is it time to cut down on the caffeine

Is it time to cut down on the caffeine

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Hi, my name is Lauren and I’m a coffee addict! Seriously, I LOVE coffee. So much, that I will even drink decaf! The flavor, aroma, topped off with a nice boost of energy… What’s not to love?

Over the past few years I went from being extremely stimulant sensitive to being able to handle MULTIPLE cups of coffee in a day. When helping people (and myself) wean off of caffeine, the first place that I start is by determining the amount I am currently drinking so that I can start to taper off from there or avoid a withdrawal. Some people will experience caffeine withdrawal once they eliminate their caffeine source, and slowly decreasing the amount can help negate these effects significantly.

Coffee is the number one used psychoactive drug in the WORLD! You might need to cut back on your coffee if you’re feeling like you can’t function without it, if it’s negatively impacting sleep patterns, irritating your GI system or is a acting as a bandaid for a deeper issue. I relied heavily on caffeine to get through my workload instead of incorporating more balance. I never got to the “root issue” causing some of my desire for caffeine to “get through the day”.

Eliminating caffeine can improve sleep, lower blood pressure, have a positive effect on mood and maybe even be a financial savings if you frequently order coffee out.

Once you have determined the amount, (either in milligrams or by cup) you can slowly taper off by substituting coffee for tea for a less caffeinated amount. (Don’t forget to include caffeine from sodas, pre workout and coffee! It really adds up!)

– One of the first things that I do is start ordering my americanos half decaf. If you order regular coffee, many place will serve decaf and you can mix the two so that you’re not really drinking any less coffee, but you are decreasing the amount of caffeine.
– Switch to tea! If you drink four cups in a day, switch out one cup to slowly decrease amounts. Tea not only contains L-Theanine which will counteract the “high” of coffee and feel more “calming”, but tea contains MANY antioxidants for an added health benefit.
– Don’t try to go cold turkey. Caffeine withdrawal can be really unpleasant and tapering off can help negate these effects. Have a plan for when you do start to feel the effects of withdrawal or cravings for coffee or other sweets/fatty foods as your body tries to get a dopamine boost through another source 😉

If you miss the flavor of coffee too much, I suggest Teecino! It tastes like coffee, is naturally stimulating from herbs (not caffeine!) and contains a prebiotic!

My favorite blends of tea are from Tea Chai Te in Portland, OR and you can order those at

They have over 100 blends!! My favorites are the Parvati’s Golden Chai (caffeine free!) and the Coconut Oolong when I am trying to cut coffee but want a boost!