The TeamHEXX Difference

Approaching fitness and nutrition requires a plan that is created uniquely for you. All coaching services are customized and tailored for each individual and designed to provide the support you need. Experience hands on guidance that includes weekly accountability, customized nutrition plans, cardio recommendations, assistance with goal setting, overcoming obstacles and the mindset mastery tools that will transform your body, change your life, and deliver long lasting results.

Meal Plan & Mindset

Not familiar with macros or flexible dieting? Request a custom meal plan tailored to your needs, dietary preferences, and restrictions. This plan includes bi-weekly menu changes, weekly check ins, helpful resources, accountability, updated cardio recommendations, macro-nutrient timing, and all meals planned and portioned to your dietary needs.

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Macros & Mindset

Custom macro plans are available and designed for those already familiar with or interested in flexible dieting. Macros will be provided and adjusted during weekly check ins based on the client’s goals, needs, and progress. This package is perfect for those looking to learn how to track macros or to take their nutrition to the next level. This service specifically includes weekly check ins, accountability, updated cardio recommendations, macronutrient timing, and meal planning guidelines to achieve your health and fitness goals.

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Workouts Only

Workouts can be requested as an individual service or to supplement any nutrition plan. These programs are beneficial for those seeking additional guidance in the gym, variety, or looking to take their nutrition plan to the next level. All workouts are designed with tools to help reach your desired performance and physique goals.

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Competition Prep Package

Competition Prep coaching is available for all level of bikini athletes. Receive unwavering guidance, support, encouragement, and insight from the first day of prep until the moment you step off stage. Each plan is designed and facilitated to ensure all athletes have a seamless prep experience in addition to the transition into improvement season. That transition includes continued goal setting, metabolic maintenance, and critical guidance to avoid “post-show blues,” and uncomfortable weight fluctuations so many competitors experience. This coaching service is also available for Figure competitors pending limited availability.

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Posing instruction, critique, and feedback is available for all levels of bikini competitors via video, skype, or in person sessions. Stage presence and posing is essential for all athletes preparing for a show. Team Hexx Coaches provide the tools necessary to exude poise and confidence while maximizing your time on stage.

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Team Hexx Service Policies

  • 12 week commitment minimum for all nutrition plans
  • 30 day cancellation notice is required
  • All clients required to sign release and liability waiver before services commence

What People Say

TeamHEXX offers a full scope of services to support you every step of the way along your journey.

  • I had just finished prepping for my first bikini competition and was only a couple of weeks out of my second one when I had a complete breakdown about how things were going. I had been with my coach at the time, for the last 18 weeks prepping for the two shows and was running on no carbs and no fats
    Kyla Jury
  • Not only did she take me in with such support and warmth but she gave me so much knowledge to help me learn to fuel my body with healthy, clean foods, how to count my macros so that I can better help my body get to the goal we had set for me, and how to enjoy the process even when the progress seems small.
    Amy Mitchell
  • Team Hexx has changed not only my body, but more importantly my mind. I have battled eating disorders for the past 15years, a good relationship with food and a positive self image is something I’ve lacked my entire life.
    Katie Graham
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