Ways to increase your Vitamin D

Ways to increase your Vitamin D

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Do you have low vitamin D? Live in a place that rarely sees the sun? You may need additional vitamin D!

Vitamin D is essential for calcium absoprtion and can play a big part in your immune function. Too little vitamin D can lead to ricketts, weak or brittle bones, weakened immune system and parathyroid disorder.

After testing as deficient for vitamin D in 2017, I decided to make an effort to increase my levels! Here are some ways to increase your vitamin D.

-The sun! This might be relatively easy… if you live in a sunny climate! I live in Portland, OR and sometimes it feels like a version of 50 Shades of Gray with our lack of sunlight. However, anytime it’s sunny I make an effort to go outside and get a bit of Vitamin D from that big, glowing, elusive ball in the sky! It doesn’t take much, anywhere from 5-30 minutes daily can help people reach adequate amounts.

– Foods! Egg yolks, salmon, shrimp, oysters and fortified foods are all sources to get some Vitamin D through foods.

– If you live in a darker climate, don’t care for any of the above foods, or just want to cover ALL the bases, you can use a vitamin D supplement. 2-4,000 IUs is recommended for those wishing to supplement Vitamin D. I don’t like to rely solely on supplements, as I believe the should be exactly as described… supplementary.

You will know if you’re deficient via a blood test, so if you have concerns, speak to your doctor. As always, you can have too much of a good thing, so don’t assume that more is always better!