Carson Siler

Carson is a life-long athlete, and the co-founder of Team Hexx. She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Gonzaga University in 2009 and immediately embarked on a career in corporate management. As an adult, she sought an outlet to further her personal passion for health and fitness. Carson was introduced to body building and found great success competing in the bikini division from 2014-2018. The combination of her education, experience, and athletic accomplishments resulted in the pursuit of her dream of coaching others. She has since continued her education as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist and continues to share her passion of health and fitness with her clients and community. Carson’s philosophy emphasizes a balanced and flexible approach toward sustainable health for both competitor and lifestyle clients. She believes in empowerment through education and assists others in reaching not only their personal and fitness goals, but also providing them with an experience of self-love, self-confidence and self-respect.

Show Credentials

  • 2015 Oregon State Championships – 4th Place Overall
  • 2015 Oregon State Championships – 1st Place Bikini A
  • 2016 Emerald Cup – 2nd Place Bikini A
  • 2016 Vancouver Naturals – 2nd Place Overall
  • 2016 Vancouver Naturals – 1st Place Bikini A
  • 2017 Emerald Cup – 2nd Place Bikini A